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Arctic Silver Ceramique Review

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I would like to thank Arctic Silver for making this review possible, and providing Arctic Silver Ceramique for review.
Price ~$4.99 on the web

Background :
Arctic Silver is known for making great thermal compound, and most people know them by Arctic Silver 3 which is used by most of the computer modders. I also used Arctic Silver 3 for every computer I built, and I am really happy about the product. Now Arctic Silver released a new kind of thermal compound, Arctic Silver Ceramique. It is different from Arctic Silver 3 because it does not contain any metals. Arctic Silver 3 was made out of 99.9% micronized silver, and 75% silver by weight, and Ceramique is made out of aluminum oxide, boron nitride, and zinc oxide. Ceramique promises to drop the CPU temperature from 2 to 10 degrees.

It takes about 1 min to apply ceramique, you can view the complete instructions on how to apply Ceramique at Arctic Silver's site.

Arctic Silver states that Ceramique Is not going to separate, run, migrate, or bleed.

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