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Arctic Ceramic Prototype Review (cont.)


From my results, Arctic Ceramic performs just as well as Arctic Silver III. The difference between the two was only a degree here and there. A degree change is not a significant difference because of slight changes that may occur during the testing process. I try to control as many variables as possible but will note that some changes are bound to happen. These changes can be room temperature changing slightly or even moving a cable accidentally when installing either paste; thus, causing a change in airflow. I consider more than 1C to be a measurable change.

Since Arctic Ceramic is tackier and non-conductive it is safer to use in systems. After I do a heatsink or thermal paste review, I am always scrubbing at the processor to ensure all the Arctic Silver 3 is off of it. This is because if you use a bit too much of it, it leaks down the side of the heat plate on the processor. Ceramic doesn't do this so all you have to do is clean the plate and you are good to go.

I am not disappointed in Arctic Ceramic's performance at all. It is what I am running now. With ThermMagic, I switched the processor back to Arctic Silver 3 after the review was done. I have no reason to switch off of the Ceramic Paste. I have been running the Arctic Ceramic Paste for about two weeks now while I was performing and writing this review.


  • Equal in cooling to Arctic Silver3.
  • Easy to apply and spread.
  • Does not run down the side of the processor like Arctic Silver 3 can.
  • Non-conductive.


  • Not on the market yet.
  • Cannot get manufacturer's specifications for it yet.


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