This compound is manufactured in China.
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The distinctive features are the small syringe
and a
red or blue cap.

According to the manufacturer, the compound is 10% silver oxide. (That is 0% silver.)
Independent testing has failed to find even the silver oxide content claimed by the manufacturer.

Some distributors and retailers are selling this silver colored compound as an Arctic Silver product. 
(Real Arctic Silver is made with a high percentage of real pure silver.)

We shot this photo at a computer show just 40 miles from the factory. They spelled our name wrong, but insisted it was real Arctic Silver until we showed them a business card and identified ourselves.

The silver colored grease is sold unlabeled or with any of several different labels, but the syringe and red or blue cap always remain the same.


The actual Arctic Silver syringe is much larger and white rather than clear. 
(And never has a red or blue cap!)

We are now also seeing a larger 3-gram syringe of the Chinese compound being sold as Arctic Silver. This larger syringe is distributed by several companies and while the labels are different, none of them are Arctic Silver. (Actually, none of them are silver!) The distinctive feature on the 3-gram syringe is the gray cap.

We have seen the silver colored grease sold by dealers and distributors under several different names and represented as being up to 90% silver. (Which obviously, the manufacturer never intended.) While we find this misrepresentation disturbing, our main concern is the distributors and dealers that are selling the compound as an Arctic Silver product. This fraud by unscrupulous dealers and distributors harms us all. Customers do not get the quality product they paid for, potential customers hear of poor performance and do not get to experience the benefits of Arctic Silver and our reputation is damaged.

How to make sure you have real Arctic Silver.

REAL Arctic Silver, Arctic Silver II or Arctic Silver 3 thermal compound comes in a white tube with our silver and black label. The product will be labeled as either Arctic Silver, Arctic Silver II or Arctic Silver 3 depending on when it was produced.

Real Arctic Silver 5 comes in a gray or clear tube with a gray plunger and a rounded black cap. While the tube is much smaller than the tube used in the previous products, is still looks very different from the syringe used for the Chinese compound.

The color of the Arctic Silver compound depends on the version. Arctic Silver and Arctic Silver II are bright silver colored. Arctic Silver 3 is duller and has a slight green tint. Arctic Silver 5 is a gray-brown color.

If you were told that you were getting Arctic Silver, but received a small syringe with the red cap, or a large syringe with a gray cap, or you received a syringe that looks like ours, but did not have a label or contained compound that was not the proper color, please contact us immediately at:
email for fake Arctic Silver

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